National Coordination and Validation Meeting for the Development of MIA NAP 2021National Coordination and Validation Meeting for the Development of MIA NAP 2021-2

National Coordination and Validation Meeting for the Development of Minamata Initial Assessment and National Action Plan for Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in Indonesia, held online via the Cisco Webex Platform on 13 July 2021. This meeting was organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia (KLHK) and Basel and Stockholm Conventions Regional Center for Southeast Asia (BSCRC-SEA). The meeting aims to discuss and obtain input from stakeholders for the MIA and NAP ASGM drafts that have been prepared by the BSCRC-SEA reporting team.

The National Stakeholder Meeting for ASGM MIA and RAN activities was first held in 2019 and this activity effectively began at the end of 2017 after Indonesia became a State Party to the Minamata Convention. In accordance with Article 7 of the Minamata Convention, countries implementing ASGM and more than non-essential processing are required to prepare a national action plan. The preparation of the RAN for ASGM was preceded by an initial study by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and BSCRC-SEA. The preparation of this action plan must be based on a study of the existing conditions in each country, in this case Indonesia. MIA forms the basis for developing an action plan. This study will provide an overview of the use of mercury in ASGM, identification and inventory of sources of mercury releases, and a detailed review of existing policies, as well as identification of vulnerable groups and awareness of the community and workers in ASGM. about the use of mercury and its impact on health and the environment. It is hoped that at this 2nd national stakeholder meeting, the government, in this case the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, will receive input to complete the studies that have been carried out and will be translated into an action plan so that the activities in this project and Presidential Decree No. 21 of 2019 concerning the National Action Plan for Mercury Reduction and Elimination (RAN-PPM) is consistent and not contradictory. It is hoped that the MIA and RAN ASGM documents will become the basis for instruments to create a mercury-free Indonesia.

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