Inception workshop of Mercury-Containing Medical Devices Management 2020

The Inception Workshop of Mercury-Containing Medical Devices Management Project in Indonesia was held on 11 March 2020 at the Ministry of Health Building, Jakarta. The workshop was organized in collaboration between the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Ministry of Health, the Asian Institute of Technology Regional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific (AIT PRC.AP) and BCRC-SCRC Indonesia). This workshop is supported by the Secretariat of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

This workshop is an Inception Workshop from the “Development of Capacity for the Substitution and the Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) of Mercury-containing Medical Measuring Devices” project in collaboration between JAIF, ASEAN Secretariat, AIT.RRCAP, MoEF, Ministry of Health and BCRC-SEA & SCRC Indonesia which started in October 2019.

The aims of the workshop are as follows:

  • Introduction and involvement of key stakeholders in the project (inception);
  • Discuss the findings of the situation analysis, the process of compiling and inventory outlines;
  • Discuss the gaps between the current policy framework and practice on the ground;
  • Present and discuss an outline of guidelines on environmentally sound management (ESM) that will be developed.

The results or outputs expected from the workshop include the following:

  • Configuration of national project team/resources (identification of key stakeholders, roles and related resources)
  • Situation review/inventory plan and current project progress status;
  • Information on current policies and instruments for mercury management/elimination in the health sector (including the current roadmap for elimination by 2020)
  • Information on national infrastructure and capacity for the management of mercury-containing medical devices
  • Important aspects of mercury-containing medical device management practices to be covered in technical guidelines under this project.

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