Coal combustion 2019

This workshop is part of the technical assistance and capacity building program for the Minamata Convention (UNEP). This workshop was organized by the Minamata Convention Secretariat and BCRC-SEA & SCRC Indonesia. The local partner directed by the Vietnamese government is Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment (HUNRE). The workshop was held on 30 October – 1 November 2019 in the Conference room, Level 7, Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam.

The main objective of the Asia-Pacific regional workshop on “reducing mercury emissions from burning coal” is to share information and support countries to comply with the Minamata Convention’s obligations related to mercury emissions and coal combustion in order to contribute to the protection of human health and the environment.

In addition, the workshop aims to create a forum for experts, scientists and managers from various countries to share research results and management experience, offer scientific ideas and strategic planning, formulate policies and technologies to control and reduce pollutants from coal.

The workshop focuses on the following main sessions:

  • Best Available Techniques and Best Environmental Practices (BAT / BEP)
  • Emission inventory
  • Assessment of policy tools: current regulations and policies that will be issued; mercury emission limits; policies regarding BAT/BEP requirements; pollutants and regulations that contribute to controlling mercury emissions
  • Introduction of e-learning tools
  • Further work and ideas for national projects

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