Inception workshop pops in textiles Pakistan 2021

On 17 July 2021, Reducing uses and releases of chemicals of concern, including POPs, in the textiles sector were held. National Meeting in Pakistan. The aim of the meeting was to introduce the ongoing activities to relevant sector stakeholders and to solicit input and recommendations, particularly regarding policy, management, chemicals used and the textile supply chain in Pakistan. This data is used to complete reports that are being prepared by the consultant team.

The meeting was held online/virtually in collaboration and coordination with Pakistan National consultant Dr. Ijaz Ahmad and Dr. Anton Purnomo Director of BSCRC. A brief description of GEF’s role and funding along with information/data from Pakistan collected by the consultant team in the draft report, such as policy, textile value chain, chemical use, knowledge and information exchange was shared with all stakeholders present. With the intention and hope that all present can provide views, opinions to complete the report and provide suggestions and input. There are 3 project components that have been approved by the GEF, namely the facility level, seeking policies, knowledge management, data sharing and reporting to regulators. And for this activity GEF cooperates with UNIDO which also prepares and manages similar activities in the African region. For this component, there will be an exchange of information on good practices and lessons learned between Asia and Africa. Baseline finalization will take place in June. In July there will be a regional WS with all countries involved in the project to finalize documents including letters of support from stakeholders and will be submitted to GEF for approval and it is hoped that this project will be accepted and can be implemented in 2022 for 5 years.

The purpose of the meeting is as follows:

  • To present the Project Preparatory Grant Stage to participants.
  • Discuss, share results of existing and proposed policies; management and knowledge sharing of data, chemical use and management, and textile supply chains to gather basic understanding in Pakistan.
  • Gather feedback and input from stakeholders on the data presented.

The results or outputs expected from the meeting include the following:

  • Awareness and sensitivity of national stakeholders about reducing the use and release of chemicals of concern, including POPs, in the textile sector.
  • Input from national stakeholders on baseline data:
    1. Policy assessment.
    2. Data knowledge management and sharing.
    3. Use and management of chemicals.
    4. Textile supply chain.
  • Minutes and reports of the National launch meeting in Pakistan.

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