SCCPs and decaBDEs 2020

This activity is one of the components in the “Updating National Implementation Plans (NIPs) under the Stockholm Convention”. The workshop organized by BCRC-SEA & SCRC Indonesia and the BRS Secretariat will be held online from 16-18 November 2020.

This activity aims to increase knowledge and expertise in the development of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) inventories, in particular for newly registered POPs such as short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs) and decabromodiphenyl ether and in assessing national infrastructure and capacity, and setting priorities and goals. This training activity will focus on how to develop effective strategies and action plans towards eliminating POPs registered under the Convention and enabling parties to fulfill their obligations under the Convention to submit revised and updated NIPs to the Conference of the parties.

This workshop is divided into 4 sessions:

  • Session 1 : Development, Review and Updating of NIP
  • Session 2 : Understand and monitor PBDE and develop PBDE/POP-BFR inventory
  • Session 3 : Understand and monitor SCCP and develop SCCP inventories, development of action plans and technical and financial assistance for NIP updates.
  • Session 4 : Action plan and implementation

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