inception marine litter bangladesh 2019

On 18-19 September 2019, BCRC-SEA & SCRC Indonesia held an inception workshop on the project “Marine litter and microplastics: Promoting the environmentally sound management of plastic wastes and achieving the prevention and minimization of the generation of plastic wastes” funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, NORAD) at the Six Seasons Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This project is led by the BRS Secretariat which also collaborates with BCRC Nigeria for implementation in the State of Ghana. BCRC-SEA and SCRC Indonesia themselves employed Bangladesh Social Responsibility Asia (SR Asia) as local partners to facilitate project implementation. The project aims to increase capacity to control the transboundary movement of plastic waste, to ensure environmentally sound management of plastic waste, and to prevent and minimize generation of plastic waste in Bangladesh.

The aim of the workshop is to disseminate information about the project, build collaboration, and share knowledge and gather input from workshop participants.

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